CONSTITUTION Рadopted 2001


To represent, promote and co-ordinate all matters pertaining to the Class.


Membership will be open to owners or part owners of National 18-Foot class boats on the basis of one vote per boat. Others may join as Associates, but will have no vote on matters concerning boats or the constitution. Members and Associates will pay an annual subscription determined by the Association in General Meeting. Subscriptions must be paid by 31st March.


The Officers of the Association will be a President, Secretary and Treasurer, elected at General Meeting for a two year term. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined, subject to the approval of members in General Meeting. Vice-Presidents may be elected at General Meeting for a two year term.


The Annual General Meeting will normally be held at the National Championship. An Extraordinary General Meeting will be convened if ten members so request, in writing to the Secretary. Three Officers and ten paid up members will constitute a quorum. Members unable to attend may appoint a proxy; instructions in writing must be received by the Secretary prior to the Meeting. A two-thirds majority, including votes by proxy, will be required to effect a rule change. The Secretary must receive proposals for any change to the Class rules or Constitution at the AGM, in writing, before the 15th June. Paid up Members and Associates will receive three weeks notice of any General Meeting, in which any proposals to change either Class rules or the Constitution will be published in detail.


All correspondence concerning the Association will be addressed to the Secretary.


The Accounts of the Association made up to the 31st December will be submitted annually, prior to the AGM, to the audit of an independent auditor appointed for this purpose at General Meeting.