Guidance on PN Handicaps

The National 18 is a three-person dinghy. The class rule C.2.1 require National18’s to be raced with three crew, this includes all class championships and club regattas. The class rules allow for local club league racing to have reduced crew numbers at the club’s discretion. If a National 18 enters an event and expects to utilise the published National 18 PN numbers, then she must comply with the class rules. If she does not, then the organising authority should consider applying an alternative handicap number.

The National 18 dinghy has evolved and modernised in its design and weight since its inception in 1938. The current RYA published PN number applies to all N18’s however this is not appropriate for the older slower boats. To address this problem for older N18’s sailing in handicap fleets, the National 18ft Class Association has produced Table 1 below which can be used as a guide to select the PN appropriate for the older category of N18.

Table 1.

Fleet NameCategory (As defined in class rule H.4)Min Hull Weight (kg)Min centreboard weight (kg)Trapeze AllowedClass Recommended PN
UltimateProctor A200N/AYes957
Pen-UltimateProctor B / Other*250N/AYes995
Classic GRPClassic GRP29029.5No1020
Uffa AceClassic Timber (U Fox)21529.5No1020

*National 18 # 314 “Woodstock” is a one-off National 18 design built to the 250kg Pen-ultimate class rule. She holds a valid RYA measurement certificate at this category. Her performance is considered to be better than the Proctor design in certain conditions. Organising authorities are reminded that they have the right to apply a different PN number at their discretion.