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Why Buy

The National 18 is the only three person performance centreboard dinghy with a single trapeze. The Class rules allow for restricted development although the hull and centreboard are now controlled as a one design. The Class is friendly and vibrant with fleets in Ireland, Scotland, England and the Isle of Man racing for a collection of beautiful and historic trophies.

  A unique 3-person planning dinghy, Fast, responsive and stable

  Fantastic performance on all points of sail

  RYA National class with one design hull and foils

  Modern carbon rig and powerful sail plan

  Single trapeze and non ballast centreboard

  Fast capsize recovery & draining

  Easy to launch & recover…no cars or cranes

  Custom package selection to buyers specifications

  Competitive across a wide range of crew weights, experience and age.

“This boat is seriously slippery, feels really responsive and accelerates even in the lightest puffs” – veteran olympian Rob White

The Buying Process

Step 1

Understand the options

Read more about the boat’s specifications (see below) and decide which options and extras best suit you.

Step 2

Contact us

Contact a member of the class association to find out more about the boat and the class.
Or get in touch with the builder, White Formula of Brightlingsea.

Step 3

Order your boat

Download and fill-in the order form, and pay the £2,000 deposit

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Step 4

Take delivery

Pick up your boat from White Formula or arrange to have it delivered

Contact the National 18 Class Association:

Phone: +44 (0) 7931735279 or +44 (0) 7785503179

Or click here to go to the Contact Us page

Contact White Formula:

Phone: +44 (0) 1206 302724

Option A

The Standard boat, ready to sail, is Option A and includes the following:

  CE certified moulded hull  comes fitted with:

  • toe straps
  • Slot gasket
  • Spinnaker chute sock

  Foils including:

  • Centreboard
  • Fixed Rudder
  • Carbon tiller and standard extension

  Fit out including:

  • Harken fit out completed to the standard specification
  •   Spars including:
  • White Formula carbon mast and boom, and single aluminium spinnaker pole, standing rigging pack and standard rope pack


  • Full suit of Hyde sails.


There are three other options or variations (included on the Order Form)

Option B

Moulded Hull complete with fittings and foils, ready to accept an existing National 18 rig.

Option C

Moulded Hull with fittings pack and centreboard.

Option D

Moulded Hull and centreboard.


All options come with a Declaration of Conformity.
RYA assigned number, and all royalties paid.

Optional extras

Optional extras (Full details on Order Form):

  Trailer (EU compliant) and launching trolley

  Top and under covers

  Launching trolley option to fit owners existing road bases

  Colour selection and styling

  Carbon spinnaker pole

The Design Brief

The brief to Phil Morrison was to design a hull largely consistent with the existing rules, which is not extreme but which is sleeker, lighter, and faster with all-weather performance – and built from modern construction materials and techniques.

Standard Specification

The standard specification for a complete “sail away” new National 18 includes the hull fully fitted with Harken and Allen equipment, carbon spars, moulded foils with carbon fibre reinforcing, and racing sails.

Specification and construction

The hull, deck, and cockpit are vacuum moulded, vinyl ester and core cell foam construction with gel coat finish to all external surfaces.

The foils – centreboard and rudder – are also moulded construction with epoxy resin laminated with reinforcing carbon fibre and expanding foam. Foam sandwich is a common construction technique which is strong and robust.

National 18 lines

Specification Data

  Designer Morrison

  LOA  5.49m

  Beam 2.36m

  Hull weight 160kg

  Sailing weight < 200 kg

  Crew weight – No Limit

  Main & Jib Sail Area 22.5 m2

  Kite Area 21.0 m2

  PY 910

  Construction Vinylester Foam Sandwich

The internal layout includes a low full floor with drainage channels leading to a recessed bailer well. The broad central spine supports the centreboard and provides buoyancy. The boat has strong wide decks, a spinnaker chute in front of the forestay, a mainsheet hoop with track, and up to date control systems for trim and adjustment.


The central position of the main buoyancy is to help make righting the boat as easy as possible. The boat lies with the centreboard just above the water allowing easy crew access. The water on board quickly drains through the transom flaps either side of the transom turret buoyancy getting the boat quickly back to racing trim.


The design passed the EU RCD stability tests with flying colours. Each new boat is issued with a sail number by the RYA and White Formula provides a Certificate of Conformity (to the design and approved construction) together with a Hull Identification Number (HIN).


The Builder

White Formula has over 40 years experience in moulding composite materials. Their mouldings “have reached the depths of the oceans on military submarines to the limits of the skies on British made Helicopters”.

Other classes built by White Formula include the SB20, Whisper, Dart 18, and the ISO / Buzz.

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